Former Students

Zuo, Luo January 2014 Ph.D.  “Tapping Dynamics of Granular Columns”
Ching, Nathaniel January 2014 M.S. “Influence of Lateral Boundaries in Tapped Densification of Granular Materials”
Electroid Company, Springfield, NJ
Goodrich, Uniontown, OH
Ratnaswamy, Vishagan May 2010 M.S. “Stochastic and Deterministic Dynamics Investigation of the Microstructure of Graniular Materials”
California Institute of Technology
Jaramillo, Christian December 2009 M.S. Schindler Elevator, Morristown, NJ
Duong, Tai May 2009 B.S. University of Texas / Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering
Dybenko, Oleksandr May 2008 Ph.D. “Density Relaxation of Granular Matter Through Monte Carlo and Granular Dynamics Simulations”
Cui, Meng May 2007 M.S. “DEM Simulated radial and axial pressure in a cylindrical granular column”
Chester, Shawn August 2006 M.S. “DEM Simulated Floor Pressure Induced by a Granular Column”
Zhang, Ninghua January 2004 Ph.D “Vibration Induced Densification of Granular Materials,”
Liu, Jian January 2004 Ph.D “Dynamics of an Intruder in a Granular Couette Flow,”
Martinez, J January 2003 M.S. “Collision Detection Algorithm for Elliptical Particles,”
Tulluri, Sai May 2003 M.S. “Monte Carlo Computations of Sphere Packings,”
Sweetman, Michael May 2003 M.S. “Addition Of A Chain-Cell Search Method and a Van Der Waals Force Model to a Particle Dynamics Code”
Buckley, Liam May 2003 M.S. “Discrete Element Simulation of Galton’s Board,”
Oshman, Chris May 2002 M.S. “Experimental Study of Galton’s Board,”
Yacoub, Doris May 1998 M.S. “Vibratory Densification of Granular Beds,”
Vanel, Loic January 1997 M.S. “Rise Regimes of a Large Sphere in a Vibrated Bed,”
Labous, Laurent January 1997 M.S. “Experimental Investigation of Collisional Properties of Spheres,”
Yung, Heng May 1996 M.S. “Granular Dynamics Modeling of Sieving,”
Zhang, Yahong October 1995 M.S. “Chute Flow Experiments,”
Lan, Yidan May 1994 Ph.D “Particle Dynamics Modeling of Vibrating Granular Beds,”
La Rosa, Anthony August 1993 M.S. “Experimental Studies of Size Segregation,”
Kim, Hyeong-jin May 1992 Ph.D “Particle Dynamic Modeling of Boundary Effects in Granular Couette Flow,”
Park, Sung-ho May 1990 M.S. “A Monte Carlo Simulation of Gravity-Induced Sphere Packings,”
Lan, Yidan October 1989 M.S “The Rate of Vibrational Segregation in Particulate Materials,”
Tsaur, Jir-Yih August 1988 Ph.D “An Analysis of the Dense Packing of Disks – A Computer Simulated Approach,”