Spring 2007

All seminars will be held in MEC 224 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. unless indicated by **

February 5, 2007 Professor Bruno A. Boley
“Some Reminiscences on Raymond D. Mindlin on the Centennial of his Birth”
Member: National Academy of Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Columbia University
New York, NY
February 19, 2007 Professor C. C. Huang
“The Fabrication of Nano-Composites and Engineered Particles Using Dry Powder Processing Technique”
Hosokawa Micron, Inc.
Summit, New Jersey
March 5, 2007
** MEC 221
Professor Jonathan Luke
“Large Scale Convection in a Well-Stirred Sedimenting Suspension”
Department of Mathematical Sciences, NJIT
jonathan.h.luke (at) njit.edu
March 26, 2007
** MEC 221
Professor Troy Shinbrot
“Separation and Charge Amplification in Granular Flows”
Biomedical Engineering
Rutgers University
shinbrot (at) sol.rutgers.edu
April 9, 2007 Professor Michel Louge
“Granular Flows, and Surface Density on Desert Dunes”
Cornell University
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

For further information, please contact Dr. A. Rosato, ME Department (rosato (at) njit.edu; 973-596-5829)