Fall 2010

All seminars will be held in room 3710 Guttenberg Information Technologies Center (GITC) from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. unless indicated by **

October 4, 2010 Prof. Leslie Woodcock
“Powders Behaving Like Liquids”
Visiting Professor-Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Delaware
Emeritus Professor – University of Manchester, UK
October 18, 2010 Prof. Jennifer S. Curtis
“Using DEM to Develop Constitutive Models for CFD Simulations of Granular Flows”
Chemical Engineering Department
University of Florida
November 15, 2010 Dr. Pedro Jordan
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Stennis Space Center, MS
“Nonlinear Poroacoustic Flow in Rigid Porous Media”
November 29, 2010 Prof. Nancy Jackson
Department of Chemistry & Environmental Science
New Jersey Institute of Technology
“Aeolian Sediment Transport on Managed Coastal Systems”

These seminars will count as attendance credit towards the Fall 2010 ME Colloquium Series ME-794

For further information, please contact Dr. A. Rosato, MIE Department (rosato (at) njit.edu; 973-596-5829).